WIP 39:取消 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的 WPC 激励 / Stop offering WPC incentives for Heco and Harmony mainnet

1 、前言

提案名称:取消 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的 WPC 激励
提案作者:Core Devs

2 、摘要

本提案中,核心开发团队提议取消 WePiggy 协议对 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的 WPC 激励,并阐明具体原因和动机。

3 、动机

随着市场环境的不断改变,WePiggy 曾经登陆的某些公链中,有的目前的运行状况持续恶化,社区以及主导社区发展的基金会已经难以再推动公链的发展。有的目前处于严重的安全事故当中,未来发展态势尚不明朗。

对于已经或即将出现重大流动性危急、重大安全事故的公链,应该取消其 WPC 激励,并建议 WePiggy 社区用户,尽快退出这些公链的生态,以避免潜在的资产损失。

释放出来的 WPC 激励份额将按原有规则分配至其他网络。

4 、提案正文



4.1 取消 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的 WPC 激励

核心开发团队将会在提案通过后 1 周内,下次定期调整 WPC 分配速率时,将 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的 WPC 激励调整为 0。

未来,Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的存款规模也不会在【全网 WPC 分配】面板中进行统计。

4.2 在 WePiggy 应用前端进行必要的提示

为了更好的引导用户迁移他们的资产,WePiggy 将在 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网的 App 页面做适当的提示。

4.3 中止 WPC 代币专用跨链桥服务

核心开发团队将会在提案通过后中止 WPC 跨链至 Heco 以及 Harmony 主网,以避免因为链中止服务或其他原因导致的用户资产损失。

5. 选项


--------In English----------

WIP39: Stop offering WPC incentives for Heco and Harmony mainnet

1. Preamble

Proposal Number: WIP39
Proposal Title: Stop offering WPC incentives for Heco and Harmony mainnet
Proposal Author(s): Core Devs
Related Proposals / Dependencies: N/A
Replacement Proposal / Replaces: N/A

2. Abstract

In this proposal, the core development team proposes to stop offering WPC incentives for Heco and Harmony mainnet, and clarify the specific reasons and motivations.

3. Motivation

With the continuous changes in the market environment, from all networks that WePiggy has launched on,

some are in a deteriorating condition, and the community and the foundation that leads the development of the community have been unable to promote the development of the network.

Some are currently in a serious security incident, and the future development trend is still unclear.

For networks that have or are about to undergo significant liquidity crises and security incidents, their WPC incentives should be canceled, and WePiggy community users should be advised to withdraw their funds from the ecosystem of these networks as soon as possible to avoid potential asset losses.

The released WPC incentive share will be distributed to other networks according to the current rules.

4. Specification

In order for proposals to be executed orderly, allowing users to have enough time to move their assets.

The following specific options will be adopted:

4.1 Stop offering WPC incentives for Heco and Harmony mainnet

The core development team will adjust the WPC incentives of Heco and Harmonys mainnet to 0 within 1 week after the proposal is passed, at the next regular WPC distribution speed adjustment.

In the future, the deposit market size of Heco and Harmony mainnet will not be counted in the [WPC Distribution] section.

4.2 Add necessary prompts on the front-end of WePiggy application

To better guide users to migrate their assets, WePiggy will add appropriate prompts on the Application of Heco and Harmony mainnet.

4.3 Suspend the WPC cross-chain bridge service

The core development team will suspend the WPC cross-chain transfer from other networks to Heco and Harmony mainnet, after the proposal is passed, to avoid loss of user assets due to chain halt or other reasons.

5. Option

Option 1: For this plan
Option 2: Against this plan


Does this proposal mean that in the near future these chains (Heco and Harmony) will be delisted?

HECO 都已经实际跑路了,我看huobi的公告,让用户把资金转移到CUBE,服了。。CUBE特别奖励——HECO用户资产迁移-火币全球站-火币网官网



I think they could be delisted step by step, but if still there are users on Huobi or Harmony, the team should not turn off the application on both of them.

But we should know that:

As Huobi has already abandoned HECO, they’re asking users to move assets to their new chain - CUBE.

And Harmony got into big trouble, the official bridge has been exploited 100M.

It’s very difficult to see a bright future in Huobi and Harmony, users will get big losses if they put their money into those chains.

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Thank you for the detailed answer. I fully support this proposal and will vote for it.