(Collecting opinions) Should PAXG (tokenized gold) be added to WePiggy as inflation hits?

Hey guys,

Well, if you haven’t noticed. Inflation is becoming a more real subject. The dollar keeps losing in value and gold keeps staying stable. America saw an inflation rate of 7% in 2021. That being said. Why not add PAXG to WePiggy? This would add a new way of making sure that our users’ money doesn’t lose in value.

If we look at gold over the last almost 50 years, gold has always either stayed stable or gone up.

Lets list gold on WePiggy so people who hold PAXG can earn some interest on top of owning gold.


I think this is a great idea. Not only does it give holders the ability to hedge against inflation, each token is backed with an ounce of gold, reducing risks and boosting legitimacy.

If WePiggy aims to compete against traditional banking, we need to do focus more on reputable (safe & secure) assets, and less on what is popular. Paxos is a great project, legitimately backing all minted assets, and carefully following regulations.

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As long as PAXG has great liquidity and the price support of the oracle, I think it can be listed, otherwise there will be risks in short-term price manipulation

We definitely need more diverse currencies that bring stability. USD is nice and all but we need different assets.

Well, thing is PAXG is gold. I’m not sure how it can be manipulated price wise.

PAXG looks good.
But the problem is, do you know someone in PAXOS or the holder community?
How to get enough users and deposit amount after listing?
Otherwise, it just adds up the gas cost of WePiggy’s markets.

Well, now that wepiggy has many contacts within the DeFi space. Wouldn’t it be possible to reach out to paxos and try to establish and partnership of some kind? Make it so their community knows that they can stake PAXG on wepiggy.

I think it will be a useful addition to the list, don’t have any PAXG myself but others who do might invest here. If there is any concern, then perhaps list as a long tail asset when the new function is ready, then move to main assets when liquidity improves

Yes, Ana just put an idea here, if the team or anyone can help to connect PAXOS, it is no bad to hear some good news. :laughing:

Ron is our best chance at getting in touch with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Any updates on this?