WePiggy Ecological Contributor Rewards

With the official launch of the governance token of the WePiggy protocol, the first phase of ecological contributor rewards has been distributed, including:

  • Individual volunteers
  • Institutional contributors (Ecological Partner)
  • KOL Partner

So far, the Community Volunteer Program (Trial Program) has completed its historical mission. Many community tasks in the past have been cancelled due to various reasons such as low completion and difficulty in acceptance.

Instead, the WePiggy Foundation has updated various positions, tasks, and corresponding rewards related to ecological construction:

1. Community Manager

The WePiggy community needs good helpers who can answer the questions from the community, and maintain a civilized and active community order.

Reward Details:

Volunteer rewards are distributed quarterly.

The team calculates points according to the volunteers’ weekly contribution, and finally distributes the quarterly reward pool proportionally based on the points.

Current quarterly reward pool: 2,000,000 WPC

Community Manager Position


1)Familiar with WePiggy lending protocol

2)Love DeFi and the WePiggy community, willing to share, willing to answer questions for users

3)Proficient in English

Working hours::

Part-time (When applying for this position, please indicate your time zone, your online time, UTC time)


1)Assist in the management of Discord/Telegram community, answer common questions from users and maintain a civilized and active community discussion atmosphere

2)Timely feedback complicated problems or suggestions from users to the core development team, assist the communication between users and the development team

3)Review various business cooperation proposals and feedback valuable proposals to the team

4)Search for available blockchain hotspot events for WePiggy’s official Twitter, interact with DeFi projects and KOLs

2. Task Board

The WePiggy community always needs more valuable suggestions and cooperation with high-quality projects to expand the influence of the community and user groups.

Resource integration

Task: The media accounts held have good interactions with some big Twitter or KOLs, recommending WePigyy to them in an appropriate way, successfully aroused their public attention and discussion and even attracted them to participate in WePiggy’s volunteer program

Requirement: Keep screenshots of interaction with KOLs

Reward: 12000-120000 WPC per time


Task: Propose feasible schemes or suggestions for WePiggy to improve visibility and market share, innovative ideas for the promotion.

Requirement: Make a relatively complete draft, publish it to the Gerneral Chat of the governance forum and finally be adopted by the community. WPC can be earned based on contribution and implementation effects.

Reward: 12000-120000 WPC per time

3. Incubation Cooperation

WePiggy can use its own influence and rich experience in the blockchain industry to assist in the development of new projects, which can also expand WePiggy’s ecological map and the WePiggy community.


1)Have your own team
2)No tokens have been issued before
3)Have plan to feed back the WePiggy community

Reward: To Be Determined (Case by case)

4. Statement

The WePiggy ecological contributor reward is not a labor-employment relationship or a contractual partnership, but an incentive method for the volunteers in the community by the WePiggy Foundation.

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